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1. Walk Through

We start by walking through the home with the customer and finding out what areas the customer wants cleaned as well as any furniture they want moved. We then explain the process to the customer so they know what to expect.

2. Home Protection

Before we set up, we put plastic wall guards on the corners of walls and furniture to ensure that our hoses will not cause scrapes or scuffs.

3. Pre-Treatment

We then pre-treat traffic lanes and any spots or soiled areas. After the pre-treatment is applied we are ready to start steam cleaning.

4. Steam Cleaning

Here the magic happens. Dirt is loosened by the pre-treatment and the high pressure steam dislodges and suspends it and then it is extracted by our truck mounted vacuum. Dirt is sucked back to our trucks recovery tank for later disposal.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Once cleaning is complete, a walk through with the customer ensures satisfaction is achieved. We furnish the customer with up to 5 pairs of shoe covers so that the carpet can be walked on while drying eliminating the hassle of staying off of it.

6. Spot Cleaner Maintenance

Customers are also supplied with a bottle of carpet/upholstery spot cleaner. This product will allow customers to do spot cleaning on their own between professional steam cleanings.


  • Carpet steam cleaning

  • Tile and grout cleaning/re-sealing

  • Upholstery steam cleaning

  • Pet stain and odor treatments

  • Heavy stain removal- ink, red dye, rust, make-up, food

  • Allergen removal treatments

  • Green cleaning process available

  • Quick drying process available –1 hour dry time

  • Enzyme/sanitizing treatments available

  • Scotchguard applications-guaranteed stain protection

Before and After

Prestige Home Services gets about 50% of its business from referrals of satisfied customers. We are honest with every customer and that’s why they refer their friends and families.

Air BlowerSpeed Drying Process

We can combine extra vacuum extraction and the use of high power air movers to have your carpet dry in approximately 1 hour and only 30 min for upholstery. Your actual dry time is dependent on the type of carpet and size of the area being cleaned.


Prestige offers scotchguarding as an optional service. If you are looking to keep your carpet looking good for as long as possible, then scotchguarding is recommended. If you are looking to keep the cost down and don’t mind replacing the carpet a few years sooner, then skip the scotchguard. Scotchguarding a carpet every time it is professionally cleaned will lengthen its life by up to 30%.

Furniture ProtectorFurniture Foot Protectors

We use clear plastic to protect the feet of your furniture from damp carpet. No more moving your furniture out to the garage in order to get your carpets cleaned. We can move a couch, clean under it, then protect the feet with plastic and move it back to its original spot. A much more convenient way of cleaning for most customers.

Shoe CoversShoe Covers

We provide shoe covers to every customer. The days of staying off your damp carpet all day are over. With shoe covers you can walk over your carpet immediately.

Line ProtectorsSteam Line Valve Covers

We use these covers to protect your floors from anything that could scratch them. The protection of your home and everything in it is very important to us.

Cleaning Methods

We use a large truck-mounted steam cleaning unit. Truck mounted steam cleaning is the industry standard and the only method accepted by carpet manufacturers in order to keep the carpet’s warranty intact. Cleaning with a small portable machine or a dry chemical process will void a carpet’s warranty. We only use soft water when steam cleaning. This is very important because the local hard water will cause your carpets to feel crunchy after they dry rather then soft and fluffy. The Calcium and Lime in the water will also beak down the carpet. We use the latest technology to ensure that we are on the cutting edge with our cleaning. This means the days of getting on your hands and knees to find that pet odor are over. We use digital moisture detectors as well as ultra violet light to illuminate affected areas.