Spot Cleaning Tips

Spot Cleaning Tips 2023-05-22T13:50:29+00:00


Carpet StainOne of the keys to spot cleaning is to get up as much of the staining liquid before spraying anything on the spot. Do this by placing a clean, dry towel over the spot and apply downward pressure. You can even stand on the towel. Keep flipping over the towel and repeat this until nothing more is transferring to the towel.

At this point you can spray a spotting product onto the area and use another towel to gently agitate and blot the spot. Do not over spray the spot as this will cause the spill to soak down into the backing. If the stain reaches the backing or padding it will have a good chance of becoming permanent.

Stay away from store bought spotters because they leave a sticky residue that will attract dirt and in time will make the problem worse.


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